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EDCC League and Team Schedules 2023

David Fuller

3 Mar 2023

East Dorset League Teams 2023

We are entering six teams in the Federation Leagues this year - three teams in the South West Federation and three in the Southern Federation.

The teams are listed below and more details (including all the fixtures dates) are in the attached.  Two of the leagues in the Southern Federation are ‘Level Play’ (GC Open and GC B-Level).  The other four leagues are all ‘Handicap Play’. 

If you would like to make yourself available for one or more of the teams, please get in touch with the team captain(s).  There is also a sign-up sheet on the noticeboard for the GC High Handicap team.

South West Federation Teams:

AC Federation

Handicap 14 or below, plus one 16 or 18.  Captain - David Fuller (

AC Intermediate. 

Handicap 9 to 18 plus one player of 20 or 22.  Captain - Chris Rice (

GC High Handicap.

Handicap 8 or above.  Captain - Yvonne Pangbourne (

Southern Federation Teams:

GC Open

No handicap restriction but looking for players of 2 or under.  Captain - Keith Southern (

GC B-Level. 

Handicap 3 or above.  Captain - Tim Hughes (

GC Advantage.  No handicap restriction.  Captain - Johannes Hamann (     


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