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Secretary's business

David Fuller

2 Mar 2023

1. Next Generation Development Initiative


From Paul Francis, regarding plans to create a National Junior Croquet Club:


Recently young croquet players have seen great success at the highest levels of our sport, but even so too few young people are attracted to pick up a mallet and play croquet. Backed by a full-time development officer, the Croquet Association’s Next Generation Initiative is working hard to attract more players who are under 25 and we need your support.


This year, with the cooperation of 15 pioneering clubs across the country, we plan to reach out to schools and introduce over 800 children to junior croquet. This pilot is to shape the creation of a national junior croquet club which will involve many more youngsters in the future.


Our plan urgently needs junior equipment to succeed. We must buy 60 sets of junior equipment to get them to the 15 clubs by the end of May.


In the next few weeks a Crowdfunding campaign will be launched to fund this project.


To generate interest in the campaign it is important to have a range of pledges which attract donations. To date we have received some great pledges from new mallets, coaching sessions to cream teas at croquet clubs. The Yorkshire Federation has been particularly active and is offering many cream teas/croquet afternoons.


We are sure that clubs in our federation would like to follow Yorkshire’s lead by providing ‘proper’ West Country cream teas!


As a club, please consider our request so we can share with children the sport from which we all get such pleasure and to enthuse and encourage the players of the future. 


We will be in touch again very soon to share information on the Crowdfunding launch.


To offer a pledge and /or learn more about our exciting programme, please contact Paul Francis by email or phone.




2. Discovery Mallet Sale


From the Croquet Association, but also a chance to remind you of the link to the CA Shop for all of your sartorial croquet needs.


We have discounted some George Wood Discovery mallets on the Shop Website.  These are the ones with his old style grip in 2 pieces leaving an exposed gap of the carbon fibre shaft in the middle.There are only 10 mallets available in this offer and they are a limited range in sizes.  They will go on a first come, first served basis and no back orders will be taken on these.If anyone is interested, please purchase through the shop website as normal.In the coming days, there will be a limited amount of clothing being discounted.  Please check the shop website for details, look out for the 'Sale' symbol on the pictures.



3. Chilton Croquet Academy Courses Apr/May


Ian Shore is pushing these courses at High Wycombe. There are those other courses at Budleigh details of which I sent previously.


Our local Chiltern Croquet Academy is highlighting the following courses that could be of interest to you:


Fri, 24 Mar 23 - An afternoon, for both GC Referees and players, exploring recent clarifications of the GC Rules, at High Wycombe CC.


Tue, 4 Apr 23 - a GC Masterclass with Stephen Mulliner - and ideal opportunity for the GC low handicapper to learn how to improve from a top-class player, at High Wycombe CC.


Tue, 9 Apr 23 - Swing Clinic with the Doctor - an opportunity for players at any level to get one-on-one specialist coaching focused on your swing, at High Wycombe CC.


Sat, 15 Apr 23 - AC Building Better Breaks (AC H’caps 11 to 18) - expert coaching for those wishing to improve their AC handicap, focused on extending a break, at Ealing CC


Tue, 25 Apr 23 - GC - Honing your Competitive Edge Course, an opportunity to consider how GC Rules influence GC tactics, at High Wycombe CC


Mon, 15 May 23 - an opportunity for low handicap GC players to receive expert coaching, at Hamptworth CC.

Tue, 16 May 23 - AC - Working Towards at 12-hoop break Course (H’caps 8-14) - expert coaching for those wishing to improve their AC handicap, focused on achieving 12 hoop breaks, at High Wycombe CC

Tue, 23 May 23 - An Introduction to Short Croquet by a foremost coach in the country - Cliff Jones, at High Wycombe.


Sat 27 May 23 - GC Sound Foundations - a course for GC High Handicappers (GC 10+) led by Ian Shore, looking to improve their competitive game.


Bookings are made using the CA website’s Fixtures Calendar. More details are available there and on the Chiltern Croquet Academy website (

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