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Secretary's Update

David Fuller

6 Jan 2023

Happy New Year to you all. I hope that you had a good Christmas period and are raring to go when the weather improves. 


A few quick messages:


1. Lawn Maintenance - Monday 09Jan AFTER 14,30

Kirin needs to apply some.... on all five lawns as soon as possible, when the lawns are dry. The forecast for Monday looks good and there are no bookings after 14.30. I have booked the lawns on the Court Booking system.


4. Hoop Resetting etc - Tuesday 10Jan PM

Note that Chris Weedon will be coordinating hoop moves on Lawns 1,2,5 on Tuesday afternoon (weather permitting) to allow the existing rabbit runs to recover.


3. Golf Croquet - Starting Location

Steve Leonard has asked that GC players start 3-4 yards away from Corner4, for the time being, to avoid too much wear in those corners. I am sure that most members are already doing this, but please do remember especially over the next couple of months.


4. Communication via WhatsApp

Kirin is now back following his break over Christmas. He will be able to provide early morning updates, with photos, from now on. Apologies for having to put up with me and my jokes the past couple of weeks. If anyone has any concerns about these communication methods, please do contact me directly in the first instance and I am sure that we can resolve any issues.

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