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We are always pleased to welcome anyone who would like to see what the

game is all about. We offer taster sessions and free coaching, so that

becoming a new member is an enjoyable experience.


Taster sessions

Want to try the fascinating game of croquet? Amaze your friends and make new ones? 

Book a taster session and come to the Club for, say, an hour and a half. One of our coaches or experienced players will take you out on the lawn. Having made sure you’re safe with a mallet in your hand he (or she) will show you how to (i) hit the ball, (ii) hit the ball so that it hits another ball, and (iii) hit the ball so that it goes through a hoop. He’ll probably tell you that the hoop is 1/16 of an inch bigger than the ball. It just looks smaller.

Then he’ll point out how a croquet court is laid out on the lawn and how the game progresses round the court. And then off you’ll go with your first short game. Your coach will play kindly, and will describe some of his thought processes as he decides which shots to play. Sometimes he’ll suggest which shots you should play. When you manage to hit a ball through the right hoop in the right direction you will have scored a point. You will be hooked on croquet for life! After the game, take the coach to the clubhouse and buy him a cup of tea. You can tell him how good you were, and book your first proper lesson.

The hoop is wider than the ball. It just

looks smaller

Introductory course

The next step is to sign up for our four lesson ‘Coach’nPlay’ course. These generally run on Monday and each lesson is an expanded version of the taster session. That is, you will receive some detailed coaching, then have a break in the cafe, then play a supervised game with other novices. We generally cover the techniques useful in both Association and Golf croquet, and the coaches will point you in the right direction depending on your particular aptitudes.

By the end of four mornings you will have decided whether you

want to continue to play croquet by joining the Club. As a

member you can :

  • benefit from further coaching for which there is no charge at all

  • make new friends, and practice and play on the courts with

       them virtually all year round

  • play with other members of all abilities on Club days

  • use the Club facilities, cafe and bar, and take part in the

      Club’s varied social programme.



“. . . you’ll receive some detailed coaching . . . “


From a brand new start with no experience of croquet at all you will probably find that you can join in our all members Club days very quickly. Here your partners and opponents might be other novices. But they might be experienced county level or even international level players. They will all be helpful and encouraging so that you enjoy your game.


How much does it cost?

We charge just £30.00 for the course of four lessons, each about 2 – 2½ hours, which is refunded if you become a member. Full annual membership costs approximately £7.00 per week, but see the Membership page for more details.


To join the club and for more information on fees touch here

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