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Why play croquet?

Croquet is one of the finest outdoor sports. It is a friendly game combining skill with tactics. It’s easy to learn, but it’s hard to play really well, and it’s always fun and interesting.

Croquet is an enjoyable, sociable game that can be played by people of any age. Men and women play on equal terms, so play together. It’s outdoors, it’s gentle exercise and it’s surprisingly tactical, so it makes your brain work.

                                      “Croquet is an enjoyable,, sociable game.”




Many take it up in retirement, or as a new challenge after faster

paced sports. It can be as skillful as you want it to be – advanced

players can take it very seriously. Most club members probably see

it as competitive but still a relaxing and friendly way of passing

an afternoon.

“. . . advanced players can take it very seriously”                   

What is croquet?


Well, it isn’t just hitting balls through hoops.

There are two principal forms of the game – Association and Golf – and both may be played as singles or doubles. We play and encourage both games, and many people enjoy playing both, as many of the skills are common.

Both games can be played just for fun, and both can be played to a very high standard – up to World Championship level. There is an effective handicapping system which recognises smart thinking as much as physical skill. So even as a novice you will find it possible to score against a really good player.

Association Croquet (AC) is the ‘traditional’ game. If you have played garden croquet with formal rules (and without a glass of wine) then AC may feel a bit familiar.

For good players it’s a game of complex strategy and high levels of skill, similar in some ways to games like snooker or pool. More details can be found here.


” It isn’t just hitting balls through hoops”

(This one hasn’t gone through!)

Golf Croquet (GC) is the ‘upstart’ game. It’s easier to learn the basics, but to be good at it you still need to develop your accuracy and understand what tactics you might employ.

We say that for every shot you take you have to solve a new puzzle: ‘How can I improve my position while hopefully damaging my opponent’s prospects’. Then carry out your plan. Read more here.

For both formats of the game, there are internal competitions, and regional leagues and national tournaments for those who wish to play competitively. These cater for all levels of player from beginner to expert.

Now you know the idea, you should be thinking about getting started.

If you’re a history buff, you can read all about how croquet started by clicking here.

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