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Membership subscriptions are due each year by 1 April. Unfortunately, the club is not able to issue refunds for any unused subscription portion.  If you choose to pay by monthly Standing Order, instalments may be spread over not more than four months, the final balance becomes due and payable no later than 31 July.

As a condition of membership, you agree to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Bye-laws, Rules and etiquette of the Club/Company.  As a member of East Dorset Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club Limited (a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales No. 10465307 and a Registered Charity No. 1171297) your legal liability in a winding up of the Company is limited to £1. Members under the age of 18 are not entitled to vote at Club General Meetings.

If you have previously been a member and not re-joined and then subsequently play at the club without paying a Green Fee, a subscription for the remainder of the subscription year becomes due and payable. 

By providing us with your contact details, you agree to receiving messages relating to Club affairs however you are able to unsubscribe from club messages by informing us of your opt out preference. We will not provide your details to any organisation unless required to by law.

Visitors, sponsored by and accompanied by a playing member, may play upon payment in advance of a Green Fee.  See current arrangements.


Country members must live more than 25 miles by road from the club for more than 9 months of the year.

All Adult membership rates include a £10 Asphalt Levy and a £30 Basic Club Membership donation eligible for Gift Aid.

Access to Leisure card-holders are entitled to membership at a discount of 75% of the above rates, rounded up to the next £5.


New members joining part way through the summer season pay a reduced fee, details of which are available from the Croquet Membership contact David Hadrell.


New members joining in Oct, Nov or Dec get up to 18 months for the price of 12 as they pay a subscription of the full current year’s rate but their membership extends to 31 March 2 years following.

Beginner Rates (1st year) apply to new members who have not previously played croquet. These rates include initial lessons, coaching etc. not discounted for ATL members. When a first year beginner renews their membership a reduced second year subscription applies.

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