Open Days

The Club holds Open Days a couple of times a year. Dates are co-ordinated with the Tennis Section.

There is always a Croquet Open Weekend incorporating National Croquet Day (what will they think of next?) Members bring friends so that they can explain their passion for croquet, and of course we welcome anyone wanting to come and try us out.

There will be members on hand to take you round a croquet court, and we provide all the equipment you need to play.

We’re very proud of our lawns; help us keep them in championship condition by wearing flat soled shoes.

National Croquet Day 2019 was on 12th May; both the Saturday and Sunday of that weekend were Open Days. 2020 and 2021 events got called off of course. We don’t know yet, but that mid-May weekend will probably incorporate National Croquet Day in 2022.

Know a Member?

If you already know someone who plays croquet (they’ve probably talked about it!) then ask them to bring you to the Club to try the game. They have to be responsible for you, so we’ll ask you to sign in. There’s no charge for your first visit, and if you want to come as a guest again we only charge £5.00 per morning or afternoon as a green fee for non-members.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to risk showing yourself up in front of a friend, ask them to arrange a taster session for you with one of our coaches. Or get in touch with us direct.